Suzanne Black McGuire

Husband: Lance Patrick (Pat) McGuire
Father: Howard Black
Mother: Carrie Black
Sister: Amy Mainprize

Suzanne's Senior Picture


Suzanne's Nephew Cale Mainprize and there is a new baby in the family we need a good picture of

Our beautiful Godly Daughter-in-Law Suzanne who puts up with our wonderful son Pat.  They have a dog named Maggie.   Right now Suzie is a career woman.  She taught senior high school literature in Dallas but has opted for a new career and is Regional Sales Manager for a Pharmaceutical Company.

Suzanne's sister Amy, Mike Mainprize and Cale

We also need more pictures of Suzanne.  She is working on it.

Suzanne and Nephew Caleb McGuire Christmas 2001

Suzanne's Nephew and Niece Cale and Kacie Mainprize

Cale, Suzanne, Kacie 1-18-04 Suzanne and Kacie 1-18-04

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