Milton Jackson McGuire

Wife: Cordelia Smith McGuire
Son: Stanley V McGuire
Son: Elvis McGuire
Son: Claude McGuire
Daughter: Iva McGuire Fenton
Daughter: Emma McGuire
Daughter: Gladys McGuire
Daughter: Virgie McGuire

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miltonjacksonmcguirehomeplace.jpg (43180 bytes)

miltonjacksonmcguirehomeplace1.jpg (14351 bytes)

Grandfather Milton McGuire, 
Elvis, and grandson Melton 
(Pat) McGuire

Home Place Built by Milton McGuire in 1892 close to 
Hardy, Arkansas 

Cordelia Smith McGuire
Born:  February 28, 1874
Died July 5, 1916


cordeliasmithmcguire.jpg (47943 bytes)

Burt Smith brother of Cordelia
Elvis Jackson McGuire son of Cordelia
Cordelia Smith McGuire


Great Grandpa Milton Jackson McGuire and Jackie Wayne 1956

Melton Pat, Claude, Jackie Wayne, Jack, 
Grandpa Milton, Elvis McGuire

Family News
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