Melody McGuire Florence  

Birthday February 6

Father: Melton Patrick McGuire E-Mail Melody at bottom of page 
Mother: Mariaetta McGuire
Brother:   Steve Wood
Brother: Randy Wood
Daughter: Dieadra Nicole Florence
Daughter: Teryn McKenzie Florence Melody and girls live in Oklahoma City

Cross My Heart


Let's have some chat here people !



Our Little Swinger

Melody and Big Daddy




Melody and Steve

Dieadra, Melody, Teryn Christmas 2000

Pat, Mike, Shaunna, Melody
at Grandma McGuire's for Easter about 1969


Janene, Melody, Pat.   Gondola at Vail. 
 I Believe Lionshead

Shaunna and Melody Outside the Condo 

I know Lonnie wasn't getting married
 again, must have been at Shaunna's wedding. 


What fun at the Minturn Country Club in Colorado

Dieadra, Teryn, Melody Christmas 2001


Dieadra, Teryn, Melody December 2006

Teryn, Melody, Dieadra January 2, 2006


Family News
(No news is not good news)

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