Lance Patrick McGuire (Pat)

Born 1-4-65

Wife: Suzanne  Black McGuire
Father: Lonnie Wayne McGuire

Mother: Janene Caudle McGuire
Brother: Mike McGuire

Florida Pictures

Guess who in 6th Grade?  We were in Washington D.C.  with the 6th grade class from Sapulpa.  Pat has on Shaunna's Dress (cousin).  We were all bored one night and trying to keep about 50 kids quiet.  Connie and Janene chaperoned

As soon as they could stand, they started standing on Daddy's Hands and did so until they got too heavy

Also known as the family streaker
It was also popular on college campuses during the 60's and he loved it

Doesen't he look sweet?

Guess who April 1975

Senior Year High School

So thrilled to see the Liberty Bell He knew it was cracked

His nephew Caleb is so much like him you can't help but wonder if Caleb is in the right family

Pat and Mike riding Snip at Grandma McGuire's

Pat went to TU, OU, (and a few others) got his Masters at the University of Texas.  Carried a 3.7.  He also had a great time backpacking Australia for about 6 months.   Pat and Suzanne lived in Dallas and were married there.  They moved back to Tulsa about a year ago.

Pat has his own company and he offices with Lonnie.  They both love it and if they could get Mike in with them it would be even better.



We can't find the after,
 but we're still looking


Pat and Suzanne's Carver unloaded
and on the way to Paradise Cove

pontoonboat.jpg (34671 bytes)

Carver gone and they now have
a pontoon houseboat and Sail Boat


Pat and Suzanne now have their second Sail Boat.  They sailed on Lake Superior with other boats this summer and island hopped.  Their experiences have been on Satellite channel 217 and are supposed to be written up in a Sail Boat Magazine.   They have been invited to sail the Greek Islands in the Summer of 2007 on a larger boat with some of the Lake Superior group.


Pat and Mike are developing 60 Patio Homes called Augusta Greens.  Check it out!


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