Lonnie Michael McGuire (Mike)
Deborah Brown McGuire

Grandfather:  Lonnie Wayne McGuire
Grandmother:  Janene Caudle McGuire
Grandfather:  Bob Brown
Grandmother:  Sandy Brown


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Christmas 2000

Caleb and Dehra.  What a wonderful age



Caleb is well rounded.  He makes straight A's, plays every sport, and right now baseball and golf are his favorite.  He has been able to shoot baskets (20 straight) since he was about 3 years old.  He set 4 records in the Kansas State track meet last year  and also won 5 events.  He is playing the guitar like his Grandpa.  He doesn't practice quite as much as he should and I think he is going to be an engineer like his Dad.  He takes care of hooking up computers, also the VCR and other electronic devices.  This is his Grandmother talking and I am again totally prejudiced.  2001


July 4, 1999 from top of houseboat


First two weeks of January he scored 22 points in his first and 37 points in his second basketball game

Left - Caleb's Boom Box for Christmas 2001

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July 5, 2002
First Knee Board Ride


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Thru with Baseball and into Basketball and Football 2003.  Fantastic at Both.  Fast like his Dad
Had several football games where he ran for 5 touchdowns and passed for 2.

Loves Golf and loves beating his Grandfather and Dad

Right - School Year 2006 13 Years Old
Has taken up the drums.  Still likes all sports

Caleb 2009/2010


Caleb and new car 2009

Caleb's Snowboard





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