Delmar Daniel Clayton Caudle
Buddy Caudle July 29, 1942
Robin Dossey Caudle

Father: Delmar C. Caudle
Mother: Berenice Y. Caudle
Sister: Janene Caudle McGuire
Brother: Johnny Francis Caudle Born 12/28/46 - Died 11/28/63
Brother: Richard Lee Caudle


Buddy Mohawk Park Tulsa 1943

Janene 3 1/2 and Buddy 2

Buddy, Great Grandma Brown

Buddy on new Draft Horse 2000

Robin with new Draft Horse 2000

Ricky, Vicki, Pat, Robin, Buddy 1993

Christmas 2000

Buddy and Robin about 1965

A few fish Bud caught at Lake Powell 2000

Taken from Buddy and Robin's Backyard
 Florescent, Colorado

Family News
(No news is not good news)

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